Resting Poses

Some housekeeping to help you during your Face Yoga practice.

If you've had fillers, neurotoxin injections please wait 2-3 weeks before you start your Face Yoga practice. This gives the treatments time to settle in and the risk of moving the fillers or neurotoxin is less. Also, use of Face Yoga may change the duration of how long your treatment(s) will last.

Before starting, if you've had an injury to the head, neck, shoulders, or face, please make sure that you are cleared by your doctor. And if you start Face Yoga, please go to where you can go SAFELY.

When You're Tired:

Stop, reset your pose and begin again.

If anything hurts, just stop and move on to the next pose.

Keep Breathing.

Shoulder Rolls. If you're feeling tense through the shoulders, roll your shoulders down and back. Keep your shoulders and chest open throughout your practice.

Tapping. Use piano fingers or light tapping to release tension from the face, head, neck or chest.


The Big O with Tapping. Use after holding a Face Yoga pose or when you begin to feel tension. Drop the lower jaw down into the shape of an O and tap your face, scalp, neck, chest and shoulders with your fingers.

Smile. If you've been holding the Big O, Cheek Lifter, Platysma Stretch or feeling any tension or discomfort in the face, smile to relax.

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